Things You Should Always Buy at a Dollar Store

By Amanda Reaume on December 15, 2016 No Comments

Dollar stores are great places for thrifty shoppers, but anyone who has ever used a dollar store cotton swab knows that there are just some things that you shouldn’t buy there. So, what should you be buying at a dollar store?

As someone who has saved hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by shopping at dollar stores over the years, I am happy to share with you what I’ve learned is worth your hard-earned dollars. In fact, there are some things that are so much cheaper at a dollar store that you’re far better off buying them there than anywhere else.

Here are 10 things to pick up the next time you’re at the store:

  1. Sandwich Bags, Tin Foil, and Parchment Paper: If you go to the grocery store and buy any of these things they’re going to cost you around $3-$5 each. While this isn’t a huge expense – you can save a lot of money over the course of a year if you buy them at a dollar store and pay just $1 for each.
  1. Office Supplies: Some office supplies are much cheaper to buy at the dollar store and you should load up on those the next time you go. Things to buy include notebooks, pencils, mailing labels, paper clips, tape, and staples. But please – avoid dollar store pens. They tend to be cheaply made and could explode or just run out of ink at inopportune times.
  1. Craft Supplies: You can get all sorts of great craft kits for kids at dollar stores that are often much cheaper than you would find at craft stores. You can also get things like scrapbook paper and accessories at significant discounts. So, before you hit up your local craft store – check out the dollar store to see if they have what you need.
  1. Holiday Decorations: Want to decorate your place for Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Canada Day, or Valentine’s Day? If you don’t want to spend a lot of money – you might be better off getting your decorations at the dollar store rather than buying them elsewhere. While you’ll have to pick through a bunch of cheap looking decorations – there are almost always some great finds that no one will know you bought at a dollar store!
  1. Kitchen Stuff: Do you need a service dish? A mixing bowl? A pitcher? You can likely find them for $1-$2 at a dollar store! Before you go to a kitchen specialty store, check out the selection at the dollar store to see if they have what you need. While you won’t find any fancy gadgets there, you will find good quality essentials.
  1. Greeting Cards: Need thank you notes? Invitations for your child’s birthday? Holiday cards? How about birthday cards? Cards are one of those things that are significantly overpriced. I mean – greeting card companies charge you $5 for words on paper! Rather than pay through the nose for a nice sentiment, stock up on cards the next time you go to the dollar store.
  1. Gift Bags and Wrapping Paper: Why pay several dollars for wrapping paper or a gift bag? You can find them for cheap at the dollar store! While some stores have cheesy patterns, they also tend to have some simple and elegant monochromatic bags that will do for any occasion.
  1. Party Supplies: Are you having a big group of people over and need paper plates, plastic utensils, cups, straws, and tablecloths? You’ll find the same stuff that you would at a party supply store at a dollar store for a significant discount. The quality is just as good as you’ll find elsewhere.
  1. Frames: Do you want to give someone a framed photo as a gift or do you need a frame to display a family photo t? Dollar stores can sometimes have cheap looking frames but, every once in a while, you can find something that looks great. You’ll save a significant amount of money by scoping out the frames the next time you’re shopping at a dollar store.
  1. Junk Food: If you like a particular brand of chips or chocolate bars and they’re carried at the dollar store, you will likely get it at a discount by buying them there. Load up your cart with your favourite food so that you can enjoy your treats at a discount. Just makes sure that the chocolate you’re buying is actually the brand you want. Sometimes you might think you’re buying M&Ms, but discover you bought N&Ns when you get home. Not the same thing!

These are just a few of the things that you should always buy at a dollar store – but there are a lot more great buys.  The next time you go to the dollar store, bring this list with you and save money!

Image Credit:Jeff Hitchcock

Amanda Reaume

Amanda is a freelance writer and the creator of the blog Millennial Personal Finance. After graduating from university with no debt, and $40,000 in savings, Amanda wrote the book The Complete Guide to a Debt-Free Education. She is also the author of a personal finance book aimed at Millennials called Money Is Everything.

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