Looking for Frugal Hobbies?

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You know being in debt is incredibly stressful. While you’re doing everything you can to get out, it’s important to stay healthy and active. Adopting a hobby is an excellent way to stay socially active and learn new skills. Even if you’re struggling with debt, there are many hobbies out there that can be affordable no matter your income.

Feeding your Brain

Although some may not consider these activities to be a hobby at first glance, there are many intellectually-stimulating ways to keep you entertained and busy. Not only will these give you something to do with your free time that you enjoy, but it will also keep your mind sharp and provide an endless pool of interesting conversation to engage in with friends and family.

Reading and Writing

The cheapest and could-be-most-rewarding, the act of reading and writing can engage you in worlds that can keep you occupied for hours on end. If reading doesn’t sound interesting, try a completely new topic. Bored with murder mysteries? Try some science-fiction. Try some non-fiction or a biography – you can always stop reading if you hate it. A library card, the internet, or a cheap, used book store is all you need -that’s as frugal as it can get.

Learning a Language

This will benefit you for the rest of your life and is something that you can get deeply involved in. There is always written material available at your local library and an endless amount available online. There is no need for you to purchase ridiculously expensive software in order for you to get a second (or third) language under your belt. This is a rewarding hobby that will completely alter where you can go in your life and maybe even get you a raise. Not to mention, it’s impressive and great for meeting new people!

Podcasting and Educating Yourself

Whether you want to create a podcast yourself or listen to material that is freely available, this can be a time investment that helps you learn new things about the world that you otherwise may not have been able to. There are also a growing number of online courses that are available for you to immerse yourself in—some of them even offer college credit, which may be the answer to questions that you didn’t even know you had.

Challenge your Body

As far as a hobby that offers benefits goes, exercising is the one that could get rid of unnecessary medical expenses, encourage you to eat cheaper and healthier, and give you the means to physically perform activities that may have otherwise been unthinkable. Lastly, it’s scientifically proven that your body releases endorphins while exercising – wonderful endorphins that literally make you happier!

Running, Cycling, and Swimming

You don’t have to join a team or hit the gym to be physically active. Simply running, riding a bike, or swimming offers incredible health benefits. Not to mention they’re dirt cheap to do! Grab a friend and make a day of it – it certainly beats a day spent at the mall.

Team Sports

You don’t have to be terribly good at a sport to join a team. There are pick-up games and low-level teams in your area who are always looking for fresh faces. Make friends while learning new skills!

Urban Exploration

Exploring  the hidden areas of your city can be a great way to spend the day with yourself, friends, or your family. It offers a new way for you to look at the world that you live in every day..

Camping and Hiking

Exploring the outside world is another hobby that can fill your days and give you a deeper appreciation for nature.

Get Going!

Being in debt doesn’t mean you have to sit on your couch watching TV with an antenna to save on cable costs. Even while you’re working through your debt, you need to be active, social, and happy. Finding new activities to do by yourself or with those close to you should be a priority for you, and finding budget-friendly activities will keep you excited about saving to pay off your debts.


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